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Easy Lease

Professional lending matters

Easy Lease started its operation in June 2021 under law 176 / 2018 with an authorized capital of EGP 500 MM & a paid in capital of 170 MM. The company is a part of El Sewedy Group inaugurated with the aim to provide easy & innovative financial solutions that reinforce clients Operational & Financial performance. Our financial leases to be complemented by factoring and operating lease soon.

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Easy Lease Shareholders Structure
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Easy Lease Core Value

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Deal with all relevant stakeholders with honesty, truthfulness and transparency. Take full ownership for mistakes and apply proper corrective actions.

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Responsibility, Commitment and Collaboration.

Assume responsibility for actions & decisions. Execute & deliver with sense of urgency, while sustaining highest quality for rendered services.

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Customer oriented

to provide customer-focused financial solutions specially tailored to serve clients’ best interests, while developing long-term and sustainable relationships that nurture value creation and proper advisory role.

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Leadership & Innovation

offer full fledged and ground-breaking financial solutions that ensure flexibility and proper deal maneuvering.

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Strive to excel in every business aspect. Approach challenges with the determination to succeed.

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what we do, we do well.


Strives to be a preeminent full fledged financing organization in the Egyptian market, being the clients’ first priority choice and foremost preferred selection for financial counselling and in covering their financial needs. To become the first Egyptian leasing provider in African Markets.


To provide distinctive customer service experience that entails offering inclusive financial solutions specially tailored with full understanding to clients’ ultimate needs aligned with genuine commitment for clients value creation and progressive improvement; to create value for all relevant stakeholders reinforced by the strength of company’s customer portfolio, consistency of superior operating & financial results and resilient customer & partner relationships lastly to employ exceptional talents that fully understands, implement and ensures said commitment.

Why Choose Lease ?

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Better Cash Flow management

Leasing entails low up-front payments, hence easing pressure on company’s cashflows, while allowing the business to utilize the asset and generate income.

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Fast transactional process and accessibility to funding, subsequently clients avoid financial burdens.

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Recognize income tax savings

Lease payments are generally tax deductible just like depreciation charges but are made with pre-tax money. Cash purchases, in contrast, are made with after-tax money.

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Hedge against obsolescence

Depending on your end-of-lease option, just return the asset to the lessor. You will not have the hassle of selling the used asset or run the risks related to residual value and (technical) obsolescence.

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Ease liquidity pressures

Through sale and lease back transactions, hence free cash for working capital requirements.

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Broader coverage

Payment mechanisms are negotiable and facilitated for startups and SMEs.