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Easy Lease is primarily focused on “Financial leasing Services”, also called “Capital Leasing”, which is a medium to long-term financing solution that entails the purchase of a fixed asset and allows the client to repay lease over an extended tenor. The assets ownership transfers to the client at the end of the lease period, while the client have the option to purchase the asset for the value of EGP 1. Easy Lease is currently engaged into several types of leases:
Easy Lease - Financial Leasing Services

Direct Lease

is a simple form of a lease agreement that involves direct purchase of the asset in favor of the client from the supplier/landlord/and or property owner

Easy Lease - Financial Leasing Services

Syndications & Club Deals

Alliances and joint deals with other lending institutions including; banks and other leasing firms. This includes risk sharing and security agent deals.

Easy Lease - Financial Leasing Services

Structured Finance

tailored to meet company’s specific needs (i.e. seasonal and budget constraints)


Easy Lease - Financial Leasing Services

Bundled Solutions

complementary products and additional services (consultation and insurance)


Easy Lease - Financial Leasing Services

SME Programs

Easy Lease nurture entrepreneurship and SMEs, with facilitated executional process and custom tailored programs.


Easy Lease - Financial Leasing Services

Sale & Lease Back

it enables you to unlock the capital held in your assets, to finance a business that is aiming for expansion and ease liquidity. Easy Lease purchase your asset at an agreed value, and finance it back to you over a fixed repayment period.