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El Sewedy Capital
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Egyptian Leasing Federation
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Managing Director

Easy Lease - Ahmed El Kholy Co-founder - Ahmed El Kholy

Our Leases are more than a series of transactions , it’s an investment in long term partnerships. It’s not our scope of financial services that distinguishes us, but it’s the delivery of those services. “That’s where we stand out”

Being in the service business we target highest level of customer satisfaction building on our core values, Integrity, commitment, innovation, excellence, passion & quality to ensure fast turn around times ,responsiveness, flexibility as main guidelines for our partnership with our success partners including clients, vendors, lending banks & funds , insurance companies & appraisers.

Our main path & commitment towards the Egyptian Economy & the lending industry is simply “Innovation” in order to become a remarkable non banking corporate lending boutique, offering unique & proper full fledged financial solutions locally & regionally.

Ahmed El Kholy
Co-Founder and Managing Director