Leadership Award

Kholy holds a BA in Accounting from Cairo university and a Master in International Business Administration from ESLESCA university in France. He is also a graduate of EFG Hermes Finance and Investment appraisal course and earned a diploma in risk management from the American Academy for Financial Management.

He has more than 25 years of experience in the financial leasing industry with different finger prints in the Egyptian Market.

Ahmed has played an integral role in launching a list of 4 leasing startups including Incolease, GB Lease, EFG Hermes Leasing which turns to become EFG Corp Solutions ending by the establishment of Easy Lease a subsidiary of El Sewedy Group.

The journey started 1997 with the launch of the Egyptian Leasing law & the establishment of international company for leasing “Incolease” the first leasing company in Egypt under the management of Dr. Farouk El Okdah who became the governor of the Central Bank of Egypt 2003.

He was a member of the founding team in the business development side & he successfully was responsible for the first & the only successful vendor protocol in the Egyptian market “Xerox-Incolease” beside handling operations & growth of portfolios in hand.

A set of finger prints followed by setting the full ground foundation for 3 startups.

GB Lease was the first one in 2009, which was a subsidiary of GB Auto Group one of the biggest Automotive businesses in Egypt, the challenge was how to turn this company to become a full-fledged unspecialized leasing company. After Five years of success the company became one of the big 5 in the market.

This phase was followed by another 6 years full of achievements by establishing EFG Leasing the subsidiary of the largest investment Bank in the region EFG Hermes Group & it was the starting point for the non-banking lending platform in the group. Also in 2018, El Kholy was assigned to reengineer EFG Hermes Factoring Company.

Easy Lease - Ahmed El Kholy Co-founder - Ahmed El Kholy
Co-Founder & Managing Director Easy Lease

All corrective actions were taken & a positive turn around was the result to be followed by a new milestone which was the merge of both leasing & factoring companies in one entity offering a full-fledged  corporate finance solutions under the name of EFG Corp Solutions to become one of the big 5 as well in the Egyptian Market with the number 1 license for a company offering both activities.

The company was awarded in 2018 from EMEA for the best securitization in Africa followed by another Award granted from International Finance Magazine in 2019 as the fastest growing leasing company in Egypt. Throughout this phase, Ahmed El Kholy was selected as a board member of the First Egyptian Leasing Federation.

After his resignation from EFG Group, a new green field was born called Easy Lease a subsidiary of El Sewedy Group the 4th biggest business group in Egypt according to Forbes classification, to become a Co-founder & the Managing Director for a green field for the 3rd time. The company showed tremendous growth in the first 18 months in a way that never took place in the market & during this period El Kholy worked on his new finger print by setting a full digitalization program for the company to become the 1st & the only digital leasing company in Egypt by linking the application & the webpage with the fully automated system covering the whole process from A-Z .

In a very short period, the company was selected by International Finance Magazine to be granted the Award of most Innovative leasing company in the leasing industry in Egypt 2023.

His vision is simply to help turning the company to an institution by attracting new shareholders to the structure represented by different International Private Equity Funds this will help to continue the company vision & start its regional expansion and to become the first listed digital leasing company in Egypt.

Milestones & contribution in the industry development:

  • Establishment of 4 startups
  • He was in charge for the only successful vendor program in Egypt “Xerox-Incolease”
  • Establishment of the first Non-Banking Corporate Finance Company in Egypt offering leasing & factoring -2019
  • Establishment of the first & only Digital Leasing Company in Egypt -2023
  • A member of the first Egyptian Leasing Federation -2020
Easy Lease