Mr. Abdel Rahman Ahmed El Sewedy

Non Executive Board Member
CEO - El Sewedy Digital

Engineer Abdelrahman Ahmed Sadek ElSewedy is the CEO of Elsewedy Digital and board member at Elsewedy Electric, a role that holds many strategic and operational responsibilities. His strong management skills help Engineer Abdelrahman engage in strategic planning and ensure that they are well met at the operational level. A prodigy since his early days Engineer Abdulrahman has helped develop critical business strategies and played a key role in landing new business opportunities locally and regionally to keep the opportunities funnel in line with the company’s growth ambitions. Throughout his fruitful career at Elsewedy Electric he assumed multiple roles including Business Development Director that added to his rich experience in business development, portfolio management, and customer relations. Under his leadership Elsewedy Electric brand experienced exposure in new markets and was artistically reinvented to keep up with the dynamic competitive landscape.
Engineer Abdelrahman’s vision of technology driven economies helped provide a turning point in the Elsewedy Electric’s roadmap and direction as it expanded operations from offering electric and communication infrastructure and cabling to smart infrastructure and digital transformation. He overtook the challenging task of launching and leading Elsewedy Digital; a new subsidiary under Elsewedy Electric, that offers integrated solutions covering hardware and software solutions aimed at digitizing enterprises, industries and complete cities. Driven by his forefather’s sharp business sense Engineer Abdulrahman is always scouring the market and taking bold moves to further expand business and extend digitization to new untapped markets.
Graduating with highest honors * Engineer Abdelrahman obtained his bachelor’s in electrical engineering from the prestigious Northeastern University in Boston in 2016. He enjoys  and is an active member in the society.

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